YFC Season Start Info - Summer 2021

Timbit and House League Times and Coordinators

Hello  YFC Soccer Players, parents and coaches:

Soccer is just around the corner, and we hope you are just as excited as we are! 

We would like to thank you all for your patience and we ask for your continued support as we navigate soccer with the  changes reqiured with Covid regulations; mandated by Soccer NS and the Nova Scotia Dept. of Health.

A few things to note, ages U4 and U6 has two time slots so make sure to keep an eye on that change and what age group your child is in. But don’t worry if you haven't heard from a coach or coordinator yet they should reach out to you by Sunday evening. With these two divisions, you should know which time slot you need to attend.

If you don’t hear from someone by Sunday evening, please reach out to the corrsponding coordinator.

U4  Timbit Division - Wednesday, June 30th-  Coordinator: Savannah Richard: savvy.richard@outlook.com Times: Times: U4 Group 1  5:15- 5:45pm and U4 Group 2   6:00-6:30pm.

U6 Timbit Division - Monday, June 28th -    Coordinator: Muriel Thomas email: murielthomas@hotmail.com Times: Group 1 5:30- 6:15 and Group 2 being 6:30-7:15.

U8 Timbit Division - Wednesday, June 30th -    Coordinator: Melissa Collier email: mpenney2@gmail.com              Times: 6:45 - 8.00pm.

U11 YFC House League - Tuesday, June 29th and Thursdays -    Coordinator: Sean Fitzgerald email: slsf@icloud.com   Time:  6:00-7:15pm 

U13/15 YFC House League -Tuesday, June 29th and Thurs. - Coordinator: Jalisa Fells email: jalisa_fells@hotmail.com   Time:  7:30 - 8:45pm 

Location: Janet Smith Field, Hebron, NS, between Maple Grove School driveway and the Yarmouth Municiality Bldg.

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